Bail Applications

It is important to note that the power to detain is very extensive, as there is potential for anyone subject to immigration control to be potentiality detained, especially if you are an overstayer or illegal immigrant in the UK you can face risk of being detained by the Home Office.

If you are detained, we can apply for your bail application to the Home Office within 7 days of your detention. If the Immigration Office does not release you after the initial 7 days upon detention, we can apply to the Immigration Tribunal and assist you with further steps to secure bail.

The power to detain can be absolved if there is no realistic prospect of removal, then the detention would become unlawful.  Therefore, if the length of detention is unreasonable, we can fight your claim for you.

Furthermore, even if you are no longer detained and your situation is such that you are still liable to be detained, or have the possibility of a deportation order being made, we can assist you with this as well.

Should you find yourself in such a situation then do call our immigration soicitors for assistance.